Tabula Rasa Magazine I: Identity︎

Like its title, the publication serves as a blank slate operating outside a producer-consumer relationship, stripped of advertisements and constraints based on current trends or seasons. We want to return to the magic inherent in both fashion and photography: to evoke the wonder of the darkroom, an idea expressed and then transformed, emerging to fill an empty, white page; to recall the power of clothing to carry history or convey personal narratives; to give artists a more transparent presence in the work they envision and produce.

Volume I encourages photographers to explore their relationships with their own images from a fashion-based perspective. Whether addressing issues relevant to their personal and professional identities or the abstract concept of identity as whole, the result is as intimate as it is universal—bridging the gap between the creatives and the reader. The result is also aesthetically diverse and complex in its thematic variations. Rather than aim towards a visual homogeny, the issue untethers itself from uniformity. Each individual photographer is transparent in his or her work—this is the common thread that ties the publication together as a whole.

Edition of 250 copies | Sold Out
9 x 11 in | 192 pp