Tabula Rasa Magazine
Events and Collaborations

Co-founders: Sabrina Banta, Hunter Abrams
Collaboration: Picture Farm Gallery︎ Red Hook Labs︎ Top of the Standard︎ Usagi Gallery︎ Vandervoort Studio︎
Photography: BFA

Tabula Rasa Magazine, established in 2013, is a non-profit organization that gives artists a platform to collaborate and create without commercial restraints, publishing thematic-based books annually. In celebration of each theme, and collaborators involved, we exhibit gallery openings and events throughout the year. 

‘Volume IV: Performance’
Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn and
Top of the Standard, New York 2019
‘Performance’ (Prelude) with Badland.TV
Färgfabriken, Stockholm 2018
‘Volume III: Numb’
Picture Farm Gallery, Brooklyn 2017

‘Volume II: Fixation’
Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn 2015

Vandervoort Studio and, Brooklyn 2014