Sixpenny Home︎

Agency: Wondersauce︎
Creative Lead: Estee Kim
Design: Ann Suh, Ever Morera
Executive Product Management: Natsai Mandisodza
Photography: All Rights by Sixpenny
Strategy: Ryan Sparrow
Type Foundries: Grilli Type, Klim

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Sixpenny believes in the functionality of extraordinary comfort, life-friendly design, and timeless quality. No matter the shape, size, and state of your home, it should be the most comfortable, personal, enriching space in your world. We worked on the identity refresh to relaunch Sixpenny as a leader in the comfort space.

We wanted to entice and immerse the visitor to experience the feeling of Sixpenny. Showing off the furniture in a grandiose manner, we create a tactile aspect on the website.

The italic treatment is an iconic aspect of the identity refresh. We use it to evoke a sense of past and present, and to accentuate copy and phrases used throughout the site.

Custom brand illustrations were designed and woven into the digital experience to show off the warmth of Sixpenny.

We designed pocketable material swatch cards and care cards as covetable design pieces, not throwaway pieces.