New Arrival
Design Archived


Direction: David Yun


New Arrival Magazine is a conceptual publication based on a systematic process that exam­ines subtraction of information produced by speed and digital manipulation.

This process exists to interpret contem­porary society’s unavoidable obsession and movement at high speeds—whether yearning for self perfection or working towards a goal, becoming addicted to quickness/progression in technology, physically or mentally moving anywhere from point A to point B—an obvious reality that communicates how future desires conduct present decisions and new discoveries. When we are interrupted so quickly by future thoughts (moments that have not even occurred yet), present time slows down. It is removed. And if present time is reality, reality is removed. Through combinations of motionless media and movement, New Arrival visualizes unperceived moments and interrupted time.

New Arrival Volume I. Blanc, showcases a ‘removed’ version of high fashion advertisements from SS2014 to comment on self-perception. Ads contain highly digitalized photography to persuade and create desire, in which I am focusing on how this creates a ‘removed reality’ as well. Removal occurs through disassembling a specified brand’s DNA and identities found in current advertising campaigns. Keywords are then highlighted from selected readings to discover a reasonable 'editing filter' for the brand. Future issues are to follow the concept of removal but vary in themes, urging viewers to discover absence as visual communication through the transformation of images.

Edition of 2 copies
Photowhite matte paper
White, Plexiglas case | Die cut
8.5 x 11 in | 168 pp