Good Day Beverages︎

Agency: Wondersauce︎
Copy: Dan Trimarchi
Creative Lead: Estee Kim
Design: Ann Suh, Valentine Delouis
Photography: Will Hughes, Claire Cali
Production: Shannon Mulcahy
Strategy: Aly Blake, Clara Freeman, Chris Gilbert
Type Foundry:  Swiss Typefaces

Featured on SiteInspire︎

We collaborated with the Good Day team to build and launch a premium, functional CBD beverages brand, primarily focusing on Cold brew coffee for launch. Good Day is for health-conscious people who want natural relief from physical and mental stress.

Each Good Day beverages represents an energy profile based on the time of day (morning > midday > night), which also correlates the function of the beverages (boost > balance > unwind).

We captured evergreen content depicting scenes of daily routines while using the Good Day product. 

Additional brand applications included POS with Naked Retail, a group dedicated to partnering with brands to provide all-inclusive retail experiences.

CBD-infused beverages for a balanced lifestyle and better days all around.