Estee Kim

is a graphic designer and director based in Brooklyn, NY.
Currently I lead design at body skincare brand Soft Services.

Design: Estee Kim
Development: Friend of a Friend︎
Photography: All Rights by Act+Acre, Christine Hahn
Type Foundries: Klim

Founded by creative director Helen Reavey and her husband Colm, Act+Acre is a new hair wellness company focused on natural, proprietary, and most importantly, effective products. I helped the team launch the ecommerce experience in 2018 with their Cold Processed™ trifecta: Hair Cleanse, Hair Conditioner, and Scalp Detox. 

Natural scenes and inviting landscapes communicate Act+Acre’s commitment to using natural ingredients. The website invites users to experience the brand ethos with immersive imagery and intentional use of space.

The website experience were inspired by the simplicity in the iconic packaging design, created by Grammar.

Alongside the inviting landscapes, the main focus of the models emphasize a diversity of people and hair textures.